Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power of place

I am writing this post from a very cozy leather chair at a Starbucks near hubby's work. Sometimes, instead of turning around and driving back home, a 25 minute drive, I like to hang out in Dallas and have some thinking time. That thinking time occasionally looks like window shopping, reading a book or working on a blog entry or comedy material. I enjoy my time away from my home, and I find myself most productive when I am surrounded by strangers and noisy coffee machines. This has a lot to do with the current state of chaos of my office/guestroom/zen room - after 4 months, it still isn't unpacked/settled. It isn't a space I want to be in right now. And that is all about to change. 

I had a breakthrough during a call last week. My coach and I talked about my bigger vision in life, which has always related to creating a space to nurture and help people heal. In previous incarnations, that looked like a rustic retreat center that offered workshops, seminars, and all sorts of activities. I envisioned myself as a Big Momma figure, feeding people good food and feeding their souls good lovin'. That vision has changed somewhat in the past few months. Looking for a way to create my big vision now (one that isn't hampered by finances and time and space), I am very drawn to the idea of starting a tea room. 

Tea. Tea has always been an important part of my life. I love the ritual of tea, the attention paid by proper tea connoisseurs to the temperature of the water, the type of teapot, the amount of steeping of the leaves, all of that. It is the penultimate of mindfulness. And then you have it, a soothing cuppa tea that calms your soul, that connects you to spirit, that grounds you. If you're lucky, you get to share that experience with someone special. I also enjoy high tea, the dainty treats and the slow lingering enjoyment of cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam and Devonshire cream. Imagine taking an hour to enjoy such niceties and connecting with your tea companions in a meaningful way. A time out from the harried world. Tea is about you. 

I'm a firm believer that when you are ready, truly ready, and you declare this to the universe, doors will open. People will come into your life to help you create your dreams. Just 2 days after I created the intention of a tearoom in my apartment, the universe sat me next to a woman at a lunch gathering who is interested in trading coaching services for her expertise as an interior designer. She is going to help me create my tearoom space. I have a very good feeling about this room - it is my intent to create a harmonious, calming and connecting space. Maybe, just maybe, I will no longer feel as though I need a Starbucks coffee house as a space to write. 

Who knows what the tea leaves will say, at the bottom of my next cup. 


  1. Incredible post on so many levels. I am thrilled for your upcoming tea room. If I can contribute in any way, let me know! xox

    1. I cannot wait for you to come visit, and to partake in tea with you. If you happen to be in any cool little shops and you see some bargain tea room accouterments, grab 'em? :) I cannot wait for my tea room to come alive! :)

  2. I love the idea of a Tea Room for you. It's great that you can find that "aha" moment and put it into action.

    For me, I've always wanted a room where I could work developing learning materials, or to write a blog... etc. Our "home office" is in first floor of our house, where the concrete floor, covered by carpet, is still too darn cold... need to put on the gas fireplace and electric baseboard heaters, all the time when working there. Not conductive to work long or focused. My problem is putting the dream to action... when so much else needs to be done in the house. Hmm..

    1. My resistance in creating the perfect space for me had to do with not knowing/accepting what brings me true joy. Now that I'm in resonance with the vision, I am empowered.

      I resisted tidying up that space to use as my personal "office" - and maybe it was due to the idea of an "office" as being in conflict with my values. But creating the space in alignment with my values creates a whole different environment.

      Is there something that speaks to you about that space, that you can use it as your creation center? Maybe it isn't the right time, who knows. I know it took me a while to get to that point, that's for sure.