Friday, March 9, 2012

Early Warning System: Lessons from our body

The body has its own sense of humour, if you haven't already noticed. Ever have a persistent ailment like a sore foot, an achey neck or a sore throat? Yesterday my throat started to swell up a bit, and unfortunately when I woke up this morning it was still constricted and it hurts to swallow. So I'm taking extra good care of myself today. So far, only liquids have graced my lips in an effort to be gentle.

But what is it my body is trying to tell me? That I picked up a virus while shopping? That germs linger on shopping carts and door handles? I think it goes deeper than that - I think that my sore throat is indicative of my not fully speaking my truth. There are a few areas in my life for which I have not really dealt with. One of which is the challenging relationship I have with two family members. Another area is this "being in limbo" place of living in the US, not being allowed to "affect the flow of commerce" and wanting to settle in and make permanent roots somewhere, and maybe, just maybe, open my tea room. Not being able to speak to that has, in effect, rendered me unable to use my voice at this very moment.

I don't know about you, but my body is pretty sensitive. When we are disconnected from who we are supposed to be (the person living their life with passion and joy), we become ill. During my most stressful year, I experienced anxiety attacks and cried under my desk or in the bathroom, seemingly inconsolable and hysterical. I had migraines every day. That was my body saying there is another way to be, you have to follow who you really are. When I have spoken to people who have undertaken a complete shift away from their previous profession, they often tell me about how ill they were for months and years up to the shift. Their bodies were their early warning systems that something was very wrong.

A friend of mine recently had a neck spasm torqued facing forward and was in quite a bit of pain. So I asked her, what is the universe wanting you to see that is right in front of you, right this moment? Have you heard the joke about the man waiting on his roof during a flood for a sign from God? A man in a canoe comes by to rescue him. He passes. A man in a motor boat comes by to rescue him. He passes. A man in a helicopter comes by and again, he passes. He finally drowns and when he gets to Heaven, he asks God, why didn't you send me a sign? God says, I sent a canoe, motor boat and a helicopter for you.

What is your body saying to you right now? Is that sore neck or shoulder mean you are carrying the weight of your world on your back? Is that itchy ear mean you need to listen more carefully? What is so obvious in your life that you've looked past it a hundred times? I'm curious to know if you see something a little differently. Maybe it means that you are so wrapped up in caring for other people, that your own physical health is taking the brunt and your body is saying, take better care of me and slow the heck down.

For me, my sore throat means I need to stop talking, listen more and move in the direction of having my big voice be heard. So, today I am thankful for germs for reminding me that I need to listen to my body and my heart.

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  1. Last summer I had a pain in my chest. Despite a gap in insurance I went to the hospital. Nothing was wrong but my heart continued to hurt. Eventually I realized that it was a pulled muscle from reaching back to a car seat in the car - from taking care of others when I should be taking care of the task at hand, and myself and when the task at hand was taking care of all of us. It was a big lesson - to stop, to literally not overextend, to stay in the moment. I still get the pain sometimes and it brings me back to where I need to be, our bodies are huge and yet we ignore them. Why? Why do we ignore the little thoughts in our head as well, our intuition? I've been working on listening to that as well lately - it has brought me incredible things in the past few days.we must never forget to listen - listening brings understanding, understanding connection, connection humanity, humanity everything. Yes. Yes indeed - we must start listening.