Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Putting more smileys in my life

Every day I try for a smiley face... sticker! That's right, I've implemented a rewards system that works well for junior elementary school kids. I'm a sucker for stickers, too!

I bought two packs of multi-coloured stickers, one package has smiley faces (pink, orange, yellow, green and blue!) and the other has WOW! on them (same colours but an extra colour of purple). I've aligned my yearly goals (see my Annual Passion Plan blog) with my stickers.

Pink - When I coach clients, I get a pink smiley. When I give a workshop or talk on coaching, I get a pink WOW!

Orange - Smiley for baking. WOW! for when I bake something spectacular or attend a baking class.

Yellow - Smiley for writing comedy. WOW! for performing comedy!

Green - Smiley for exercising. WOW! (to be determined)

Blue - Smiley for blogging. WOW! for working on my book

Purple WOW! - for when I have fun with Blair! This includes big and little adventures. :)

Since I started a bit late in January, I don't have many stickers on my calendar. I went back and put blue smileys on the days I posted blog entries, and orange smileys for when I baked.

I've used similar techniques with coaching clients - their feedback tells me that there is something awesome and inspiring to see how far they have come. It is also a great daily visual that tells you if you need to balance some areas of your life. Maybe you go a whole month without a yellow smiley... that'll tell you something!

I'm really looking forward to February and seeing how many smileys I have, on the inside and outside. :)


  1. Today I get an orange smiley for making homemade apple sauce, and a blue smiley for blogging. :)

  2. Hmmm I really like this idea Jean... thanks for sharing. I have a feeling this would work really well for myself too. I am going to write you an email later too :) xo

    1. Looking forward to your email. And have fun finding fun stickers! :) :)