Monday, January 2, 2012

Taking inventory

Today, hubby and I are spring cleaning. One of my tasks was to take inventory of what supplies we have in the pantry, freezer and fridge. The subsequent goal is to create meal plans based on those items, to rotate stock. I'm feeling a bit geeky about how excited I am about making meal plans. I love having a road map of where I am going. It allows me to see where I started and where my journey will end. As I wrapped up my nifty inventory spreadsheet, I thought about how this task parallels taking stock of our lives.

I wrote yesterday about approaching 2012 with clarity, action and passion for my goals. My annual Christmas letter was a "taking inventory" of sorts. I still need to put aside a few hours tonight and over the course of this week to plot out the map of 2012 and where I want to go, with new goals and celebration milestones for each quarter of the year. For example, tomorrow I'll be purchasing a membership to our local community centre that has water aerobic classes and a rock climbing wall. I'm excited at the prospect of meeting some new people in my new town.

Where do I want to be at the end of 2012? Or rather, who do I want to be? I will be the Jean that has learned to embrace slow, meaningful breathing. Taking the time to savour books. Tea. Friends. Clients. Myself.

For now, I am excited by the challenge of creating a focused meal plan - which also aligns with my values of having a balanced budget.

Topics for future blogs coming soon:
  • Values exploration
  • Incremental to Monumental
  • The Career Myth


  1. EXCELLENT! I love the embrace slow, meaningful breathing! I agree. Here's to success.

  2. I also geekily love creating meal plans and other road maps. I also love the idea you gave me earlier about the future letter... what will I say to myself at the end of 2012? oh, and I also love your new blog! XO

  3. Yes. Savor your days, your year, your life. "Meaningful" is a great word. If there's any way I can help your year be successful, let me know! xox